Wheego Whip Electric, Exterior

The Wheego Whip is an all electric car that is fairly unknown, simply because it has not been given much attention since it appeared on the market.

Wheego Whip front

Wheego Whip Performance

It is mainly for city use (known as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV)) because of its size and and its need to be charged every forty miles. You can simply plug it in at home and charge your car. It will take up to eight hours from zero to fully charged (about ten hours on a 120 Volt outlet). Wheego is a company based in Atlanta, and the cars are useful for running around short distances. That could possibly be the reason why it had largely been ignored. The company is rolling out models that would be capable for highway usage as well.

The reason is also due to the fact that the vehicle does not have to comply to any safety standards (especially in the USA) at present. It is, therefore, more of a “toy” than a true replacement for an everyday petrol driven car. It does, however, have airbags for both the driver and the passenger. One can also deem it safe if you think of the top speed of up to 70 miles per hour. There are plans, though, to make the vehicle more appealing to people, especially in the cities. This would help a great deal with curbing pollution too.
Wheego Whip side

Wheego Whip Exterior

The Wheego Whip is the primary model of the company and looks very much like the two-seater Smart car. It has a similar exterior, and some of the paintwork is the same, but it is a little more appealing in it overall appearance. The interior is the same sporty two-toned color for all the models, especially the bucket seats that are quite comfortable. The difference between the Smart car and the Wheego Whip would be under the “hood” where you will find a 96 Volt lithium battery pack. The Smart car is limited in its availability – that is, on lease terms – whereas the Wheego is available on purchase.

Wheego Whip interiorWheego Whip Price

It is important to know that the Wheego Whip is not a hybrid, but an all electric vehicle. There are a few extras that you can add, but it will cost you extra too. You could get air conditioning for around 1195 dollars. In general, it comes with power steering and power windows. This could be the vehicle for the future, especially as a secondary vehicle for running around the city. It is especially helpful that they are planning on creating one that would be able to take on the highways.

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