Volvo C30 Electric Engine, Sedan

Volvo C30 series is designed to be a compact four-seater model, available since 2006 across its generations of three-door hatchbacks. After several tests by the Swedish Volvo company, the C30 prototype was presented to the public by September, 2009. However, an updated or enhanced prototype with full interior and complete instrumentation, as well as enhanced battery packaging was unveiled during the North American International Show in 2010.

Volvo C30 Electric front

Volvo C30 Electric Battery

The prototype Volvo C30 Electric sedan is quite impressive with a number of features including:

i) Delivers a range of approximately 93 miles (150 km) under the “NEDC” cycle                                                                 ii) Acceleration of 0-60 mph just in roughly 10 seconds                                                                                                          iii)A top speed of about 130 km/h (roughly 80 miles per hour)                                                                                              iv) Leisurely eight-hour recharge duration for the 24kWtt-hr battery pack (from a 220-volt household-outlet). The 24kW-h lithium battery pack is installed within the prop-shaft tunnel (in the space usually occupied by the fuel tank, on the outer side of the passenger compartment, and away from the zones of deformations).                               v) About 82 kW electric motor.

About 50 Volvo C30 electric sedans were presented for field testing in Sweden by the beginning of 4th quarter of 2010 at the Volvo Sedan Corporation. Volvo C30 electric was also involved at the “One Tonne Life” project, during which a family was given a task of living as climate-smart for a period of 6 months. By July, 2012, Volvo Corporation delivered about fifteen Volvo C30 electric cars to participate in an open road-test drive project in Shanghai.
Volvo C30 electric is well equipped with three climate systems, including:

i) A climate system that supplies passengers with cooling or heating depending on the environment’s temperature,
ii) The second system warms or cools the battery pack when necessary
iii) Finally, the third climate system involves a water-cooling system of power electronics and the electric motor.

Volvo C30 Electric rear

Volvo C30 Electric Engine

Based on the concept of range extenders, Volvo C30 Electric is equipped with a three-cylinder combustion engine that produces up to 40 kW, 59hp (60 PS), installed underneath the rear load floor compartment. Alternatively, the car has a 40-litre fuel tank, with the combustion engine connected to the 40 kW generator. This power combination is useful when driving the sedan’s 111 PS electric motor (82kW; 109hp). As well, the driver is at a position of choosing to let the battery be charged by the generator, thereby enhancing the car’s range of operation on electricity.

Volvo C30 Electric interior

Volvo C30 Electric Price

Currently, depending on the prevailing tax systems and other charges imposed by different countries, the average price of Volvo C30 electric ranges from $21,000-$32,000. This price range might seem to be too expensive for many people, but the features of this car model are worth it- this car is just amazing!

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