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Bollore BlueCar Battery, Price

Bollore BlueCar front

Bollore is a small electric car which was introduced in the commercial market by Bollore in 2011. The car was result of a joint venture from Bollore and Pininfarina, the two superior auto-manufacturers from Italy. At first only 50 such cars were constructed and were used in a program at Paris. The sales of the BlueCar for people was instigated in 2013 and till than around 3000 models have been sold by the company. It was also one of the top selling electric cars in France and gained much appreciation and praises from its buyers.

2016 VW E Golf Electric Battery, interior

2016 VW E Golf Electric front

The Golf is the highest selling and the most popular car ever produced by German automotive giant Volkswagen. The car which was launched over 40 years ago in 1974 is still a hot favorite among hatchbacks lovers for its nimble handling, fuel efficiency, easy maintenance and for being an overall great car for its price. So in 2014 the folks at Wolfsburg (VW’s headquarters) decided to make an electric variant of the legendary car. Read on to find out if the electric version of the Golf is as fun as its petrol-driven sibling.