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2015 Honda FCX Clarity Price, Interior

2016 Honda FCX Clarity front

The 2015 Honda FCX Clarity is the latest in Honda’s attempts at pursuing a greener approach to the automobile issue. Operating within the hydrogen/fuel cell arena since 1999, Honda has continued to push the boundaries with a range of cars designed to more effectively operate within the environment. Granted Honda’s attempts are rarely as ostensible as one might expect, with the company only ever producing a small batch of its green cars for use on the road. However that just might change with the 2015 Honda FCX Clarity. With a select few units of Honda’s new FCX Clarity already hitting the roads in California, available for lease at an appropriate $600, the secret to the Honda FCX Clarity’s expected popularity is the energy efficient manner in which it functions.

2016 Honda Accord PHEV Fuel economy, Release date

2016 Honda Accord PHEV front

It is no doubt that the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV will be a grand user-oriented sedan for the admirers of well designed sedans. The new Honda Accord PHEV comes with more engine options with hi-tech features and design when compared to its predecessor. The new model offers buyers a high level of driving coverage that they can expect from a sedan of its price and size. Besides best driving experience, the sedan not only comes with enhanced specs, but it also comes with engines that offer better performance and an incomparable level of fuel saving and drivability.

2016 Honda Fit Electric Release and Changes

2016 Honda Fit Electric front

2016 Honda Fit Electric is all set to come out with significant modification. Although the unconfirmed rumors online are floating around that it is just going to be a Japanese hybrid version.