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2017 Tesla Model S Design, Style

2017 Tesla Model S Front

Tesla Motors is definitely Company that started that trend to create amazing electric powered cars which made amazing bum on the market and all of just can`t wait to see next Tesla Motors model which will appear. Next in the line for their 2017 lineup will be new Model S which will be ready for the spring of 2017. New 2017 Tesla Model S will definitely going to be better in almost every aspect than before so this 6th generation will be the best so far.

2016 VW E – Up Electric Changes, price

2016 VW E - Up Electric front

Over the one last decade, the motor industry has been increasingly on a race to produce a reliable and powerful electric car that could successfully replace conventional cars that runs with the internal combustion engine. But despite the efforts from all the big names in the industry, electric cars are just not ready to replace their older sibling yet. All the electric cars today in the market suffers from a series of disadvantages: they are expensive, they come with a very limited range and they are nowhere as powerful as a normal car. However, there is one car that experts believe will change the mind of consumers worldwide, at least in the small urban-car segment – the Volkswagen 2016 VW E – Up Electric. Read on to find out if the 2016 VW E – Up Electric is really the ultimate urban car in the market like the folks at Volkswagen claims.

2016 Tesla Model S Electric Price and release date

2016 Tesla Model S Electric front

Electric car lover are in for a treat in 2016 when Tesla will release The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric. The automobile is expected to extend the company’s impeccable record in producing some of the best electric cars in the world, capable of competing with conventional gasoline powered vehicles in terms of performance comfort and styling. The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric is built on the 2014 model but will be longer and have more height intended to improve the space in the interior and the comfort of the rear facing additional seats at the back.

2016 Smart Electric Drive New, released

2016 Smart Electric Drive front

Smart has a seemingly aggressive strategy to attack the market in the next years. After announcing a ForFour Cabrio variant and confirming that an elongated version of the ForFour is being considered for the US market, it has recently been confirmed that an electric variant for the next generation of ForTwo and ForFour is in the workings.

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric Price, release date

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric front

Over the years, Mercedes has continually developed some of the most stable, durable, and elegant cars in the world. It is one of the most respected car brands in the world. With changes in technology and in the spirit of going green, the company has developed a range of electric cars. The 2016 Mercedes B Class Electric is no exception. The 2016 electric model will be an improvement on the 2014 and 2015 models. The 2014 Electric model is the most basic Electric model that the company has produced. However, the company expects to continue modernizing the model for the coming new years as new technology makes improvements possible. The 2016 model is expected to incorporate some minor changes in the exterior, interior, as well as in the Wheelbase. Additionally, the model is expected to be installed with a more advanced dashboard and boot space.