2017 Porsche Panamera Hybrid

2017 Porsche Panamera Hybrid front

When you hear name Porsche, all you can think about is luxury and speed. Environment is probably not among the first things you can connect with that German car producer. Well, now, with new 2017 Porsche Panamera Hybrid to arrive, Porsche`s biggest focus is to save the planet with low fuel consumption and with better performances. We know that this new Panamera hybrid will have instant popularity because luxury market can`t get enough of hybrid models. Let`s take a look on new Porsche`s product.

2017 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

2017 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid front

On the market of large sedans, Chevrolet`s model called Malibu will definitely going to be full competitive with the others because it is more than well equipped and designed. New 2017 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid with that kind of engine unit offered can make you love him even more because he`s going to be more environmental friendly this time. Let`s see if all the plans that Chevrolet have with him will become true.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

2017 Ford Focus Electric front

There are so many great Ford`s plug in or hybrid models but among them we must choose one which is really special and really different than the others. Without any doubt, it`s Focus Electric. Maybe it`s because his extra popular basic variant but we just love new 2017 Ford Focus Electric. His shape and his amazing style is definitely something that keeps getting us back to him and it is definitely something you`re going to wish for. New Focus Electric still wasn`t presented to the audience and we can`t wait to see him officially.

2017 Honda Fit EV Proud Design, Appearance

2017 Honda Fit EV front

Honda Fit is Honda`s model that can be placed in the SUV or in the minivan category but no matter where you put it, it`s going to shine and it`s going to find his way to the hearts of the customers. New 2017 Honda Fit EV with his all electric engine will definitely be able to become one of the world`s finest models because it the period when we`re all becoming aware that it is extra important to save the nature and to save the planet, electric vehicles have huge success. New Fit is among them definitely.

2017 Tesla Model X Design, Proud Changes

2017 Tesla Model X front

Tesla Motors is one very young but more than great car Company which is growing to become one of the world`s most reliable car producers for creating all-electric cars. Their new 2017 Tesla Model X as theirs best model is surely going to continue to be one of the finest models which have all it takes to be on the top. Knowing everything about him, and knowing about some other models makes us think that there won`t be any model good enough as new Tesla`s Model X.

2017 BMW X5 Hybrid Price, Release date

2017 BMW X5 Hybrid front

Only big news are arriving from the BMW factory lately. Now, they are saying that their most famous SUV model called X5 will be released for 2017 year market as hybrid engine model as well. New 2017 BMW X5 Hybrid will definitely going to be one of the most popular SUV model for next year because we all know that even his basic version was more than popular, so giving him hybrid engine model can make him only better.

2017 Lexus CT200h Electric

2017 Lexus CT200h Electric front

When we all know that today it is extremely important to save the planet and to be extra environmental friendly you know that to have huge success on the car market you have to create hybrid or electric car. Lexus did exactly that and in the past few years they`ve become to be one of the world`s best car producers. Their new 2017 Lexus CT200h Electric is one more proof that they`re more than capable to be on the top and to be the company on which other companies are looking at. Let`s see if they`re capable to become world`s finest with this new electric model.

2017 Toyota RAV4 EV Review, Price

2017 Toyota RAV4 EV front

After the huge success that the version from 2015 had, Toyota decided that it is time to create new generation which will attract the customers back to their products. New 2017 Toyota RAV4 EV is perfect thing to do that. Hybrid and electric cars are definitely the thing which will be only choice in the future so it is great thing for any company to make them as sooner as they can.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid Design Changes

2017 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid front

When we see so many hybrid models, SUVs, sedans and etc. we`ve needed to see one hybrid truck model as well, for all of us truck lovers. New 2017 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid will be exactly that, exactly what we`ve need to have. New Tacoma, with hybrid engine unit is everything we`ve needed for 2017 year market. Tacoma was already extremely popular but we only expect his sales number to get increased and raised to the sky. Let`s take a look on new Tacoma with hybrid unit, that can`t be wrong.

2017 Audi A6 Hybrid Changes, Price

2017 Audi A6 Hybrid front

Audi A6 is maybe the best selling luxury sedan in the world and when you take him, which is close to the perfection, and give him hybrid engine unit, all you can expect is to have even more sold pieces of that type of car. New 2017 Audi A6 Hybrid has become the world`s most wanted model because almost all the customers wanted to have him at the moment Audi released the information they`re going to make him happen. We`ve prepared small review for those who haven`t seen him until now, new A6 Hybrid, here it is.