Bollore BlueCar Battery, Price

Bollore is a small electric car which was introduced in the commercial market by Bollore in 2011. The car was result of a joint venture from Bollore and Pininfarina, the two superior auto-manufacturers from Italy. At first only 50 such cars were constructed and were used in a program at Paris. The sales of the BlueCar for people was instigated in 2013 and till than around 3000 models have been sold by the company. It was also one of the top selling electric cars in France and gained much appreciation and praises from its buyers.

Bollore BlueCar front

Bollore BlueCar Outside and interior

From the outside the Bollore BlueCar looks small, more of a hatchback but has got some fresh and spicy looks which are very alluring and attractive. The built does not let the driver feel that he/she is driving a small, light electric vehicle. The LED lights at the front and back make it look like a normal hatchback on the road. It has three doors, two at sides and one at back and can accommodate four persons with ease. The interiors are also well designed with all the new features and attributes. A powerful music player, bluetooth, parking assistance, etc. have also been incorporated in this mini. The seats and dashboard are also carved from high quality leather which makes it look luxurious and are comfortable.

Bollore BlueCar side

Bollore BlueCar Battery

This electric car is driven by a 30 kWh lithium polymer battery which is situated under the seats and is integrates to a supercapacitor. Once fully charged the battery lasts for 160 miles in the city and 93 miles on the highway. The top speed of the car is noted to be around 80 mph which is pretty fast for an automatic transmission electric car. The weight of the battery is 660lb and is designed at the two Bollore owned facilities located at France and Canada.

Bollore BlueCar interior

Bollore BlueCar Price

The company is now planning to launch Bollore BlueCar in other countries as well after it became a huge success in Italy and France. The cost of this electric car is approximately $16,000 which excludes the cost of the battery. The monthly rental costs of the battery is $100 which depends on the distance travelled by the car. If you are looking an environment friendly car which costs low on your pocket and is also powerful to some extent than you must give a thought on buying Bollore BlueCar. Your overall expenditure on fuel and servicing of car would be mitigated along with reduction in the emission of dangerous effluents into the atmosphere. All you need to do is just plug and play to enjoy your journey on this small yet powerful car.

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