2017 Tesla Model S Design, Style

Tesla Motors is definitely Company that started that trend to create amazing electric powered cars which made amazing bum on the market and all of just can`t wait to see next Tesla Motors model which will appear. Next in the line for their 2017 lineup will be new Model S which will be ready for the spring of 2017. New 2017 Tesla Model S will definitely going to be better in almost every aspect than before so this 6th generation will be the best so far.

2017 Tesla Model S Front

2017 Tesla Model S Design Modifications, Review

Tesla still haven`t announced what changes can we expect to see on new 2017 Tesla Model S and because of that we really don`t expect something crucial to be changed on this new electric powered vehicle. For example, based on some spy pictures we`ve seen, we can see that his shape will remain the same as it was before with the same dimensions as before. Some small design changes are placed on his exterior. We can see small style changes made to the grille which now looks even classier than before and together with restyled headlights front fascia looks really great. New 2017 Tesla Model S will be given brand new LED lamps which will use the least amount of energy while they can keep their visibility on the same or even higher level. Both of the bumpers on new Model S will be reinforced thanks to more carbon fiber present in them. Of course, with more carbon fiber in his chassis, we know that entire body weight will be reduced so we expect to see improved performances which will make new 2017 Tesla Model S better than before with more mileage to cover.

2017 Tesla Model S Interior

Interior design of every Tesla Motors car is unique and no other Company can`t get near it. This new 2017 Tesla Model S will have its cabin designed with full attention. Tesla Motors will create his cabin from premium materials, mostly leather, soft plastic and wooden details as well. On the instrument board of new Model S we can see everything as in every other Tesla Motors car, that`s one large touchscreen jammed on the middle of it, and we mean huge touchscreen. Through that touchscreen you can control all of the functions which will be installed in the infotainment system of new 2017 Tesla Model S.

2017 Tesla Model S Engine and Performances

Basic engine unit for new 2017 Tesla Model S will be powered by 70 kWh electric motor which will be able to produce 532 horsepower which is more than amazing for electric car. With this kind of power, this new Model S will be able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3 seconds flat making new model S fastest electric car on the market. Mileage is even increased and now it is estimated to go over 600 miles on fully charged battery. This great battery for new Model S will be extra effective to be charged fast which is great improvement for this kind vehicle.

2017 Tesla Model S Side

2017 Tesla Model S Price and Rumors about the Release date

Starting price of $73.000 will make new 2017 Tesla Model S one of the most expensive luxury all electric powered car on the world which we expect to see at the spring of 2017 on the streets.

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