2017 Honda Fit EV Proud Design, Appearance

Honda Fit is Honda`s model that can be placed in the SUV or in the minivan category but no matter where you put it, it`s going to shine and it`s going to find his way to the hearts of the customers. New 2017 Honda Fit EV with his all electric engine will definitely be able to become one of the world`s finest models because it the period when we`re all becoming aware that it is extra important to save the nature and to save the planet, electric vehicles have huge success. New Fit is among them definitely.

2017 Honda Fit EV front

2017 Honda Fit EV Proud Design, Appearance

We can see only small changes made on the exterior design of new 2017 Honda Fit EV when we compare him with the generation before. There is new, optional, rear spoiler available which can additionally raise his aerodynamic abilities and increase his performances. On the front, there`s going to be larger headlights added with new LED lamps to make their visibility better than before. Thin grille with some new lines added to the hood of new Fit EV will complete his front fascia redesign which will make him look classier than before. On the sides, we can also see some new lines added and with them, there is no doubt that new 2017 Honda Fit EV looks more luxury than before. New, 6-spokes alloy wheels will definitely going to attract even more customers to new Honda Fit and based on what we can see on it, it`s going to be tough battle for the customers. There will be more than enough options for you to choose what color you want new Fit EV to be because Honda offers so many of them and you can be sure that you`re going to be able to pick exactly what you want.

We still don`t have official information`s are the dimensions of new 2017 Honda Fit EV increased but we are sure that he`s going to offer more room for the customers and for their cargo as well. 5 adult passengers can be fully relaxed inside new Honda Fit EV and they can enjoy no matter how long the trip you`re going to. New climate controller will be added to make the journey even more pleasant. With new 8.0-inch touch screen jammed on the middle of the instrument board you`re going to be sure that all of the functions will be even better organized. Some of the standard functions for new 2017 Honda Fit EV are: parking sensors, rear view camera, cruise control, blind spot monitoring, Bluetooth and USB connection options, Internet connectivity and so many extras  which demands you to offer more money for him.

2017 Honda Fit EV rear

2017 Honda Fit EV Engine, Range, Power

Even though Honda still haven`t released any official information`s about the engine unit this new 2017 Honda Fit EV will use we`ve manage to find out some details about it. For example, we know that new Fit EV can use V6 4-cylinder unit which can supply it with the 130 horsepower and with 260 lb/ft as his maximum torque amount. Estimated fuel consumption will be around 18/25 mpg city/highway because when you take him with hybrid engine, it`s going to be even reduce. Transmission is still unknown but it`s almost positive that he`s going to have his power transferred to every one of his four wheels.

2017 Honda Fit EV interior

2017 Honda Fit EV Price and Arrival Date

Price for starting trim level of new 2017 Honda Fit EV will be somewhere around $30k while his release date can`t before the beginning of the spring 2017.

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