2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Styling, design

With the years that are coming there are more and more automobile producers which are becoming environment aware and ready to help out planet to heal. They are doing it by making these eco-friendly vehicles extremely desirable in the sense of their appearance, level of equipment and affordability. This is why hybrid models are becoming more and more popular and we have decided to help you in choosing the most appropriate for you. The vehicle we will write about is the powerful 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid and we are sure you are going to like it.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Front


2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Styling, design

The new 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid will be a vehicle which you could never associate with the hybrid engine or eco-appearance. It will look like a typical powerful sporty model with the smooth body with sharp sidelines and slightly longer nose part. It will be built on an aluminum platform which will make it move gently and effortlessly. It will look quite dynamic with the modern alloy wheels, dark and massive grille, long and sharp LED headlights, and honeycomb like ventilation system. The rear part will be the most impressive since it will contain powerful half-circle rear lights at the mere edges of the back part, dual chrome exhaust pipes and wonderful raised lift-gate.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Interior

The interior will be quite attractive as well. The upcoming 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid will have modern, sleek and polished design. Its cabin will be roomy and mostly covered in vinyl with the decorative stitching and metallic elements. The seats will be adjustable, highly supportive, and possibly heated and ventilated. The dashboard will look quite powerful; it will be nicely illuminated and supplied with all the advanced technological features. The devices installed are adaptive cruise control, touchscreen system, full power accessorize, satellite navigation, new audio system, air-conditioning and Internet connection. There will be five passengers onboard who will enjoy in all the novelties 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid is likely to offer.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Green car

The new 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid will be a green car which will be armed with the powerful hybrid engine version which will consist of 2 liter turbocharged Earth Dream engine in combination with two electric motors which will produce max output of around 300 hp which is fantastic. The estimated fuel efficiency will come around 44 mpg in city, 47 mpg on highways and 47 mpg when combined which makes it super-efficient as well.

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Back

2017 Honda Civic Hybrid Pricing, arrival

The release will happen till the end of this year or possibly till the start of the summer of 2017 year or June. Concerning the 2017 Honda Civic Hybrid price we got the information that it will be even more attractive than before and will reach the sum of $ 19, 000 for the base trim.

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