2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid Changes, Price

We can say, and we mean it, that GMC`s model called Yukon starting to become one of the world`s finest and most exclusive SUVs on the market. It`s all about hard work from his engineers and designers. With this new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid arriving, be sure that GMC wants even bigger piece of the total sold pieces. Hybrid engine unit which will be offered can only give them more because now, we have more customers which want to be greener than before.

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid front

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid Exterior and Interior Changes

Even though GMC announced that they`ll try to make new Yukon almost totally different than his predecessor was, we can`t see some drastic changes made on his exterior design. His shape is the same as before and his overall dimensions remained almost the same as before. GMC said that new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid will have slightly longer wheelbase than before which will affect him have more room for the passengers inside and more room for the cargo. Both of his bumpers will be reinforced with more carbon fiber used in them than before which will have more than that one benefit, they`re going to reduce his overall weight. Square shape of the headlights will be remained again with smaller grille than before. Larger air extractors will make you think that new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid will have better performances and we really hope to see that as true news. On the back of new Yukon there`s going to be larger and wider taillights with new lamps which will be used.

Interior of new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid will also going to suffer some minor changes which can make him look classier than before. GMC will now give him finer and more luxury materials so new Yukon can attract higher class customers because it is obvious that GMC wants new Yukon to be one of the most luxury SUVs on the market. Because of that, they`re going to offer finer seats design which will have both heating and cooling options as well as a lot of adjustments options. As we`ve said, new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid will have longer wheelbase which will make customers enjoy more room and it`ll make them carry as much luggage as they want because it`s going to be offered with larger cargo area than before. We can say that now, new Yukon can receive even 8 passengers in some higher trim levels divided in three row of seats. No doubt that it`s going to be real pleasure driving in new Yukon, on every terrain you want.

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid rear

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid Engine Speculations

There will be two engine options offered for new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid and we think that those rumors are quite true when it comes to the final version of new Yukon. It should be like this. Basic version of new Yukon should be powered with 5.3-liter V8 unit which is able to produce around 355 horsepower. Some higher trim levels could use 6.8-liter unit with direct injection which will make him able to produce 420 horsepower. Every engine new Yukon will have, it`s going to be mated with 8-speed automatic transmission system which can reduce his overall fuel consumption even more. Overall fuel consumption, combined for highway and city driving should be around 25 mpg.

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid interior

2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid Price and Launch Date

It is still unsure what starting price will be attached for new 2017 GMC Yukon Hybrid but we are quite sure that new Yukon can`t appear before July, 2017. His starting price should be somewhere around $50k but we are still unsure about that information because GMC haven`t confirmed it.

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