2017 Ford Focus Electric

There are so many great Ford`s plug in or hybrid models but among them we must choose one which is really special and really different than the others. Without any doubt, it`s Focus Electric. Maybe it`s because his extra popular basic variant but we just love new 2017 Ford Focus Electric. His shape and his amazing style is definitely something that keeps getting us back to him and it is definitely something you`re going to wish for. New Focus Electric still wasn`t presented to the audience and we can`t wait to see him officially.

2017 Ford Focus Electric front

2017 Ford Focus Electric Exterior and Interior Changes

As we`ve mentioned, we still haven`t seen the official pictures or some spy shots of new 2017 Ford Focus Electric but we are more than sure that Ford will remain to his recognizable shape and style, the one that is so recognizable in the car world. That perfect shape which have perfect dimensions to create amazing aerodynamic abilities is definitely something that separated him from the crowd. New Focus Electric will have more than enough exterior color choices and we`ve heard that he`s going to be produced using more lightweight materials in his chassis than ever before. All the lights will definitely going to be replaced with some new lamps and Ford announced that for the first time, new 2017 Ford Focus Electric will have headlights using bi-xenon lamps to help him gain better visibility. New grille is expected with some slight changes on the back part, maybe some small changes in the shape of exhaustion pipes.

Interior design is something we should expect to see a bit different than before because new 2017 Ford Focus Electric is wanting to be the best electric car on the planet. To do that, they must have cabin made from premium materials and functions which will make the driver handle the car easily. Even though Ford isn`t announced that they`re going to make some dimension changes, we think that new Focus Electric will appear with more room for the passengers and for their cargo as well. New 2017 Ford Focus Electric will be a car to wish for because it is announced that he`s going to be made with big changes on the instrument board which will reduce the number of the buttons on it significantly.

2017 Ford Focus Electric rear

2017 Ford Focus Electric Engine Modifications

We expect to see really special engine under the hood of new 2017 Ford Focus Electric and according to the latest speculations about it, it`s going to be some electric battery which is able to provide around 150 horsepower. This engine should be capable to take new Focus over 80 miles when it`s fully charged and we expect to see him going faster than before. Some estimations tells us that he`s going to be able to go over 90 mph as his maximum speed which is definitely significant improvement. Those are all information`s we`ve about new Focus Electric but we expect to see some more really soon, stay with us.

2017 Ford Focus Electric interior

2017 Ford Focus Electric Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for new 2017 Ford Focus Electric will be in range of $30.000, maybe little lower than that but we expect to see him arriving at the 2017 year starts.

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