2017 BMW i3 Body, Platform, Range

Previous version of this BMWs electric vehicle was definitely one of the most wanted and most anticipated and when it was released back in the 2014 customers were more than pleased. Because of that, 3 years from that release new generation of i3 should be released. New 2017 BMW i3 is announced as way more efficient vehicle and according to some rumors which are going on, this new i3 could have even 50% more mileage and that tells us that he`s going to be equipped with stronger engine. Let`s see what new i3 could offer.

2017 BMW i3 Front

2017 BMW i3 Body, Platform and Style

There won`t be some drastic difference on the exterior design of new 2017 BMW i3 because it is obvious that his engineer`s and designer`s focus is on the engine of new i3. They want to make him better and the exterior is more than good the way it was before. Customers are more than pleased the way it looks now. BMW will now make it look classier with some small changes and improvements made. This new i3 will use newly developed bi-xenon lamps for his headlights while all other lights will receive new LED lamps which will help him be more effective and which will make him use less energy than before which is definitely purpose of new i3. When you take a look on new i3 you`ll see that he`s made with great attention and with special touch for small details. Taillights on the back are especially made and the design they have is something brilliantly made. Shape of new 2017 BMW i3 can make his range even better without any effort from the engine because BMW made great aerodynamic abilities to help him become even better.

2017 BMW i3 Interior

Cabin of new 2017 BMW i3 is definitely true BMW. You can see attention for details, luxury and class on every detail. Instrument board will be well equipped with finest hi-tech functions and with very nicely designed buttons and controls. On the top of the instrument board, on the middle of it, we can see new, larger touchscreen which can be used as control for most of the functions installed and there will be so many of them. BMW will try to make all the functions easier to control and that will make the customers more than happy. All the details will be made with materials which are extra soft to touch and pleasant. Seats are made from extra fine details, the one which will make you really enjoy the ride inside new 2017 BMW i3. Other than great materials BWM will make you enjoy the design of those seats which will have better ergonomic support than before. We`ve mentioned that new 2017 BMW i3 will be filled with so many new functions and some of the old ones will be transferred with small improvements made.

2017 BMW i3 Specs, Range, Power

Great thing about new 2017 BMW i3 is that he`s announced to be released with the driving range which is 50% more than the version from `s announced to be released with the driving range which is 50% more than the version from 2014. Now, i3 can go over 130 miles when his batteries are fully charged. This time, they`ll use new Samsung`s SDI`s 94 Ah batteries which can create great power and great torque amount as well as they can make his range better than before. Some rumors tells us that the battery he`s going to be able to make him accelerate from 0-60 mph in only 7.3 seconds which is more than great for all-electric car.

2017 BMW i3 Rear

2017 BMW i3 Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Price for new 2017 BMW i3 must be slightly over $44.000 and that will make him in the category of world`s most luxurious cars. Release date will be somewhere around summer of 2017.

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