2016 Wheego LiFe Release date, Electric

The 2016 Wheego LiFe FSV (Full Speed Vehicle) is 100% electric. That’s right, 100% electric absolutely no gas, no emissions with an impressive 100 mile range. Wheego is certainly not the biggest electric car company in the world but they are striving to be the very best and by eliminating a reliance on fossil fuels the Wheego LiFe is well ahead of the hybrid offerings of the larger companies.

Wheego LiFe front

2016 Wheego LiFe Price

The Wheego also qualifies you for a $7500 federal tax credit just to make it a little easier to go green. If you decide that the 2016 Wheego LiFe is the vehicle for you make sure to check with your dealer as many states also offer additional incentives like reduced registration, state tax credits applied to the cost of the vehicle, and even use of the HOV lane. The price of the model willl be around $33,000.

Wheego LiFe side

2016 Wheego LiFe Interior and engine

The 2016 Wheego LiFe is a well-designed small car perfect for the daily commuter, outwardly its simple lines and stance are exactly what you would expect from a car this size, it may not stand out in a crowd but it may turn a few heads as it drives by the corner gas station. The Wheego LiFe interior is simple and functional, ergonomically designed controls in a spacious cab put everything the driver needs within easy reach.

2016 Wheego LiFe FSV offers capacity for two passengers, with 118.5” in lenght, 63” in height and 63.2” in width. Its wheelbase is 79.7” long. It comes avaialble with front wheel drive only and max speed of 65 mph. It is avaialable in 6 diffrent exterior colors, inlcuding Red, White, Blue, Black, Silver and Green, and one interior: Gray. Among others, Wheego LiFe features inlcude ECO meter, AM/FM CD Radio with USB/MP3, power locks, keyless entry, electric mirrors, proportional regenerative braking system. Under the hood of the Wheego LiFe it offers Electric AC 50 type of engine with AC induction.

Wheego LiFe interior

2016 Wheego LiFe Release date

The 2016 Wheego LiFe currently does not have a U.S. release date, it is however undergoing crash testing in China which could keep this small U.S company producing cars well into the future while helping a growing industrial power solve its world renowned pollution problem. As a small independent car company Wheego certainly has its share of obstacles to overcome, lets hope that the enterprising spirit of Wheego CEO Mike McQuary keeps this independent raising the bar by providing solid offerings like the 2016 Wheego LiFe to the affordable electric car market.

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