2016 VW E Golf Electric Battery, interior

The Golf is the highest selling and the most popular car ever produced by German automotive giant Volkswagen. The car which was launched over 40 years ago in 1974 is still a hot favorite among hatchbacks lovers for its nimble handling, fuel efficiency, easy maintenance and for being an overall great car for its price. So in 2014 the folks at Wolfsburg (VW’s headquarters) decided to make an electric variant of the legendary car. Read on to find out if the electric version of the Golf is as fun as its petrol-driven sibling.

2016 VW E Golf Electric front

2016 VW E Golf Electric Price and interior

The 2016 VW E Golf Electric as you might suspect is an adaptation of the normal VW Gold that runs with runs on an internal-combustion engine which means that the design differences between the two are minimal, except for the LED daytime running lights, the 16 inch wheels and the C-pillars air vanes to name a few. But thanks to 2016 VW E Golf Electric engineers, the e-Golf still carries the dynamic character of its sibling that made it so much fun to drive. In the US, the car only one variant of the car, the SEL Premium which comes with navigation is available and it is priced at $36,265 plus destination charge. The UK price for the car hovers around £ 30,845.

The interior of 2016 VW E Golf Electric is looks and feel similar to the normal golf albeit a little on the roomier side. The dashboard comes with all the standard Golf equipment including an touchscreen infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, plush seats for 5, and more. The e-Golf safety features includes stability control, traction control, multiple airbags, 4 wheel ABS, adaptive headlights and more.

2016 VW E Golf Electric side

2016 VW E Golf Electric Engine

The 2016 VW E Golf Electric is powered by a lithium ion battery producing 85 KW or approximately 115 hp which propels the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 10 seconds. VW even claims that the e-Golf can reach 30 mph faster than the blazing fast Golf GTI. The car has a claimed top speed of 89 mph or 140 kmph. The e-Golf comes with three different modes: Normal, Eco and Eco+. In Normal mode, the car feels drives just like the petrol propelled Golf with a firm suspension and limited chassis movement; the Eco and the Eco+ modes however limits the horsepower and top speed.

2016 VW E Golf Electric interior

2016 VW E Golf Electric Battery

The 264-cell lithium ion battery, under ideal conditions can power the car for over 118 miles or 191 kms, according to Volkswagen. But the streets are never ideal and so are so, so a more practical range would be between 70 to 90 miles on a single charge. It is worth noting that recharging the car with onboard system and your home current will almost take a full day so the company recommends a $550 240-volt wall-mounted charger that will drastically reduce the charging rime to less than an impressive 4 hours. However, there is an installation cost which depends on your location.

The 2016 VW E Golf Electric is quite and efficient, carrying forward the VW Golf’s dynamic handling in a zero-emission package. The only downside of the car that I could think of is the limited driving range which is common across all electric cars. So, if you are on the look for an urban electric car, then this is definitely the one for you.

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