2016 VW E – Up Electric Changes, price

Over the one last decade, the motor industry has been increasingly on a race to produce a reliable and powerful electric car that could successfully replace conventional cars that runs with the internal combustion engine. But despite the efforts from all the big names in the industry, electric cars are just not ready to replace their older sibling yet. All the electric cars today in the market suffers from a series of disadvantages: they are expensive, they come with a very limited range and they are nowhere as powerful as a normal car. However, there is one car that experts believe will change the mind of consumers worldwide, at least in the small urban-car segment – the Volkswagen 2016 VW E – Up Electric. Read on to find out if the 2016 VW E – Up Electric is really the ultimate urban car in the market like the folks at Volkswagen claims.

2016 VW E - Up Electric front2016 VW E – Up Electric Changes

Like the name already suggests, the car is derived from the 2016 VW E – Up Electric! which if you didn’t already know won the 2012 car of the year. So it’s bound to be good. There are minimal design changes though like the LED daytime running headlamps, a special set of 15 inch alloy wheels, and blue highlights on the emblem all of which perfectly complements the car’s “electric” badge. The car is 3.5 m long and 1.6 m wide, has trunk capacity of 9 cubic feet and it is very nimble and easy to drive in tight urban spaces.

2016 VW E - Up Electric side2016 VW E – Up Electric Engine

2016 VW E – Up Electric the car is powered by a lithium-ion battery that produces a peak power of 82 hp and 155 ft-lbs of torque propelling the car from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 12.4 seconds – close to a second faster than the conventional 2016 VW E – Up Electric! You get two different charging cables – an AC and a DC, and the battery could be charged to 80% in just 30 minutes! The 2016 VW E – Up Electric comes with three different driving modes: Standard, Eco and Eco+. In standard mode the car feels exactly like its conventional sibling in all aspects, while the Eco and Eco+ version are made to optimize its range by limiting the car’s performance. The top speed, if you are interested is 81 mph and the car has a range of 93 miles or 150 kilometers which is what sets it apart from most electric cars in the market. Top that off with the promise from VW that the battery will last for 8 years or 99,360 miles and you already have a winner.
2016 VW E - Up Electric interior

2016 VW E – Up Electric Inside and price

Inside the car you are greeted with the beautiful gray seats covers with blue stitching and the nicely laid out dashboard that spells quality. The standard list of equipment includes the VW’s “Maps for More” infotainment system, navigation system that comes with a voice-based “charge point location” finder, Bluetooth phone connectivity, and the infotainment system allows you to pair two devices at once. For a city car which the e-Up is, there are ample amount of leg room for both the driver and the passengers.  The only disadvantage of the e-Up is its staggering price point. In the US the car is priced at $35,500, which is over $16,000 more than the conventional VW Up! The UK price for the car is £24,250 although the British government in a bid to encourage electric cars will forgive you £5,000 making a deal worth considering. The 2016 VW E – Up Electric is a properly designed and beautiful piece of engineering with serious intentions to become a market leader in the next few years. The car also does not come with the battery rental schemes followed by most of its competitors, which means that you will send nothing else on running the car. The 2016 VW E – Up Electric is the ultimate city electric vehicle if you could overlook its rather steep price.

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