2016 Tesla Model X Electric Release date, SUV

Tesla revealed a near production-ready version of its crossover Model X at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show. 2016 Tesla Model X Electric is based on the platform that underpins the Model S sedan electric. By designing the Tesla Model X to accommodate the flat battery pack under its floor pan, the electric crossover has abundant interior space, seating for seven seniors and provide three rows of accessible seats.

2016 Tesla Model X Electric front

2016 Tesla Model X Electric Engine

The Tesla Model X’s signature appear to remains its double-hinged falcon doors (although it this feature may disappear before production starts), which open upwards while folding to permit easy access to the car’s third and second-row seats. There will be two Model S 85 and 60-kWh lithium-ion battery pack and Tesla assertions that the Model X will virtually match the EPA range rating found on the window stickers of its electric sedan (265 and 208 miles, respectively).

2016 Tesla Model X Electric side

2016 Tesla Model X Electric Review

2016 Tesla Model X Electric will be having its third row of seats that are designed to face forward in order to ensure the passengers sit comfortably. Its “falcon doors” will be having dual hinges to minimize closing and opening arcs to allow freer access to the back seats and offer space. The improved versatility in 2016 Tesla X does not mean excessive growth. However, the Model X will be slightly longer and taller than the Model S. Indeed, Tesla is still speculated that it has been working for the BMW 3 Series competitor both in price and size, which is expected to hit the headlines in 2016. An additional electric motor driving the anterior wheels provides the Model X standard all-wheel drive. The car will be having a reduced aerodynamic efficiency and heavier all-wheel-drive hardware due to its bigger frontal surface area thus Model X will be consuming 10% more energy than the sedan. This will due to the enhanced features as compared to Model S.

2016 Tesla Model X Electric interior

2016 Tesla Model X Electric Release date and price

Tesla’s challenge will be to extract at least two hundred miles of range from the heavier Model X. However, what will probably not change is the whipping acceleration. Ford’s management claims that Tesla Model X will be having a 0 to 60 mph time in the sub-five second range. The car will have four-wheel drive as optional. The release date of first Tesla Model X Electric has been delayed, and it is now expected to hit the market in early 2016. It will cost you around $96,000 for the Performance edition and around $71,000 for the base model before federal or state tax credits. However, due to its improved features, its is a car worth the price.

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