2016 Tesla Model S Electric Price and release date

Electric car lover are in for a treat in 2016 when Tesla will release The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric. The automobile is expected to extend the company’s impeccable record in producing some of the best electric cars in the world, capable of competing with conventional gasoline powered vehicles in terms of performance comfort and styling. The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric is built on the 2014 model but will be longer and have more height intended to improve the space in the interior and the comfort of the rear facing additional seats at the back.

2016 Tesla Model S Electric front

2016 Tesla Model S Electric Interior

The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric will feature a luxurious interior with the option of having cloth upholstery or leather upholstery for the seats. The luxurious models will also come with the option of heated front and rear seats. The company has ensured that even the base model for The 2016 Tesla Model S Electric Car will offer sufficient comfort, luxury and accessories to their clients with the option of having additional feature with the more expensive models. The base models will come equipped with a seventeen inch touch screen display, a seven speaker audio system, Bluetooth mobile phone and audio connectivity for streaming, active climate control USB input, Wi-fi capabilities and a rear-view camera. Tesla have also gone the extra mile of developing an intelligent seat detector for the ignition system to replace the start button system that comes with other key-less entry models. The seat detection system tells when the drivers seat is occupied and readies the vehicle for driving. Other options available for the more expensive options include a panorama sunroof entirely made of glass, rear and front parking sensors, navigation, satellite radio and an impressive 12 speaker audio system to entertain the driver and passengers.

2016 Tesla Model S Electric rear

2016 Tesla Model S Electric Engine

The 2016 Tesla Electric will come with two engine options, the single motor vehicle and the dual motor engine option. the single motor engine option will be powered by a 65kwh battery while the dual motor engine will be powered by an 85kwh battery. the dual motor option will give the vehicle an active and independent four wheel drive system enabling it to maximize power transmitted throughout the drive-train. Tesla has stated that the 2016 Tesla Model S Electric Car will have a driving range of 265 miles for the single motor vehicle and a minimum of 200 miles for the heavier dual motor version of the car. The cars performance is expect to remain exceptionally good with the cars expected to go from zero to 100kph in 4.4 seconds. The car will face challenges in long distance travels since it requires meticulous planning to avoid draining power and ensuring maximum charging cycles.

2016 Tesla Model S Electric interior

2016 Tesla Model S Electric Price and release date

The release date for the first units of the Tesla Model S Electric are expected early in the year 2016 with the exact date yet to made public. Though the official prices are also yet to be released, base models are expected to start at $ 71,000 with options raising the price to $96,000. in addition to this, buyers will be expected to pay a refundable deposit of between $5,000 and $40,000 depending on the options.

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