2016 Mercedes B Class Electric Price, release date

Over the years, Mercedes has continually developed some of the most stable, durable, and elegant cars in the world. It is one of the most respected car brands in the world. With changes in technology and in the spirit of going green, the company has developed a range of electric cars. The 2016 Mercedes B Class Electric is no exception. The 2016 electric model will be an improvement on the 2014 and 2015 models. The 2014 Electric model is the most basic Electric model that the company has produced. However, the company expects to continue modernizing the model for the coming new years as new technology makes improvements possible. The 2016 model is expected to incorporate some minor changes in the exterior, interior, as well as in the Wheelbase. Additionally, the model is expected to be installed with a more advanced dashboard and boot space.

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric front

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric Engine

The 2016 Mercedes B Class Electric will be powered by a 28-KWH lithium ion battery just like its predecessor developed by Tesla. The car also comes with an advanced cruise control system that helps assists the driver in preventing accidents. This zero-emission version will however need two hours to charge fully using a 240-volt charger. The vehicle has 177 horsepower and 251-pound-feet of instantaneous torque.

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric side

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric Interior and exterior

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric will come with an advanced navigation system with power front seats. The vehicle will come with an extra swath of wood on the dashboard to make the interior more entertaining. The vehicle will come with an advanced COMMAND system aboard unlike its predecessor. The vehicle is also equipped with paddle shifters just behind the steering wheel that will allow the driver to select up to three different levels of regenerative-braking. This almost deals away with the brake pedals on normal drives.

One of the most striking features of this new vehicle is the skinny front tires. The other most striking features of the new 2016 model will be the big circular eyeball vents. In addition, the car will have a white set of wheels that will be different from the 2014 model. The body is also slightly re-engineered to improve its aerodynamics. This improvement will lead to reduced noise at high speeds thus improving comfort.

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric interior

2016 Mercedes B Class Electric Price and release date

The Mercedes B Class Electric is expected to be in the range of $42,000 although this price will be confirmed later. In terms of the release date, it is expected that the car might be available for sale as early as the fall of 2016 hoping that there are no hiccups on the way.

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