2016 Kia Soul Electric Release date, price

The 2016 Kia Soul Electric small SUV is the company’s latest edition in the popular range. It remains relativity unchanged from the previous model, but brings some new features and specs as you would expect from a new edition release. There is plenty of personality on the 2016 Kia Soul Electric car, it has sleek styling on the exterior, upgraded and modern looking interior, and a drive smooth enough to match styling.

2016 Kia Soul Electric front

2016 Kia Soul Electric Exterior and interior

The 2016 model proves that Kia can match the luxury brands when it comes to innovative, eye-catching designs. The curves flow from front to back, and the 5 spoke alloys look sporty and sleek. The car does have a ‘box’ feel to it by design, but this is well disguised with the large tailgate lights and smooth raised wheel arches.

Being a small SUV there is not a lot of room to play around with in the 2016 Kia, but you do get more headroom than you expect as you first sit in. you can opt for leather seats if that’s your preference, but the cloth is just as comfortable. Heated and ventilated front and rear seats is also an optional luxury, along with upgrading the trim on the steering wheel. The instrument panel and dash looks as modern as any dash you’ll find on 2016 models of car’s. It has some interesting curves with plenty of air vents and stereo speakers built in. It all feels very minimal and spacious, while craftily fitting in all the necessary buttons and dials you’d expect.

2016 Kia Soul Electric rear

2016 Kia Soul Electric Engine

The Kia Soul Electric small SUV comes as an electric powered vehicle, with a 27kwh battery pushing out 109 horsepower and 210 lb/ft of torque. This battery is reported to give the diver 92 miles before needing a charge, and charging takes anywhere from around 30 minutes for a quick charge, to 4 hours for a slow charge. The performance is decent when compared to others in a comparative class, but it’s still a long way from making it a talking point to the average consumer. Still, with every year that passes, electric cars in this class become a more realistic option to more people.

2016 Kia Soul Electric interior

2016 Kia Soul Electric Release date and price

The positive news is that the soul electric model is priced similar to their gas counterparts. The 2016 Kia soul electric is expected to be around $39,000, this will be for the higher end models. Prices of other models are not yet known, along with the release date which at this time has not been announced by Kia.

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