2016 Honda Fit Electric Release and Changes

2016 Honda Fit Electric is all set to come out with significant modification. Although the unconfirmed rumors online are floating around that it is just going to be a Japanese hybrid version.

2016 Honda Fit Electric front

2016 Honda Fit Electric Engine

The engine is where the deal breaker is, since Honda had been looking forward to make huge different from previous models. The engine is constructed powerfully with 1.3 liter which will deliver around 130 horsepower and 100 lb ft of torque. The transmission option for the 2016 Honda Fit Electric will include CVT gearbox. Another version of a brand new engine that makes people think otherwise about the car through comparison with the Japanese hybrid version is 1.5 liter which will be running in on Atkinson cycle to minimize the usage of the fuel as much as possible. This engine will be placed with 7 speed DCT and IPU (Intelligent power unit) with lithium ion battery.

2016 Honda Fit Electric rear

2016 Honda Fit Electric Interior and exterior

The interior of Honda Fit Electric 2016 is spacious and more comfortable that its predecessor. The room for legs has been increased for about 4.8 inches. It will include an automatic climate control, magnificent audio system, electrically controllable window system. The electric automatic system is not just for the window, but for the seat adjustment as well. Overall, there are not too many changes made in the interior region of the car from the previous version of the same car. Apart from all these developments, there will also be a satellite navigating option with an 8-inch screen which is the most vital component.

Again, on the exterior of Honda Fit Electric 2016, there isn’t noteworthy change compared to its 2015 predecessor. The major difference is that it is said to be 1.6 inches shorter and its wheelbase will be increased for about 1.2 inches. The front bumper and also the grille of the car will be changed to keep it a bit low, making it more efficient.  The changes on the interior and exterior of the car have, more or less, been focused to gain more fuel durability, judging by the looks of it. Overall, the car isn’t much at all different from its predecessor, as the manufacturers only look to make the background and unimportant functions of the car much smoother.

2016 Honda Fit Electric interior

2016 Honda Fit Electric Price and release

Honda Fit Electric is set to release in the end of the year 2015. The price of the car may vary between 16,000 USD and about 21,500 USD.

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