2016 Honda Accord PHEV Fuel economy, Release date

It is no doubt that the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV will be a grand user-oriented sedan for the admirers of well designed sedans. The new Honda Accord PHEV comes with more engine options with hi-tech features and design when compared to its predecessor. The new model offers buyers a high level of driving coverage that they can expect from a sedan of its price and size. Besides best driving experience, the sedan not only comes with enhanced specs, but it also comes with engines that offer better performance and an incomparable level of fuel saving and drivability.

2016  Honda Accord PHEV front

2016 Honda Accord PHEV Engine

As far as the engine options and the performance of the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV are concerned, the new sedan has hit the spike on its head. It comes with three engine options to offer the vehicle a better performance and better mileage. The first engine option will be the inline four-cylinder, 2.0 liter gasoline engine, which is capable of producing a power output of 137 HP and a torque of 221 lbs per foot.

The second engine option will be the existing 124kW electric engine to produce the power of 196 HP that assures sufficient power supply and improved drivability. The third engine option will be a powerful electric and the fuel competent 6.7 kWh lithium Ion gasoline engine that allows the new sedan to run for a distance more than 10 to 15 miles when it is set on electricity mode.

Fuel economy

The fuel economy of the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV counts on your chosen driving mode. While using the electric engine, the new sedan is capable of offering a combined mileage of 115 miles per gallon. The inline four-cylinder, 2.0 liter gasoline engine of the vehicle will offer a mileage of 47 miles per gallon in the city and 46 miles per gallon on highways.

2016 Honda Accord PHEV rear

2016 Honda Accord PHEV Interior and exterior

Though the interior of the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV roughly looks similar to the standard model, not everything has continued the same. The new sedan comes with some improved driving dynamics and with a rectified interior trim. As for the cargo volume and rear-seat, the new sedan undergoes a considerable increase. The new vehicle comes with the replaced messy dashboard of the earlier model, with a more stylishly designed impulsive layout. The interior of the new model sedan will have many high-tech features, such as an 8-inch infotainment screen, Bluetooth coupling and Pandora internet radio and a double-zone automatic climate control. The exterior of the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV is not left behind while it comes readily outfitted with a conservative design that includes both elegant and antagonistic looks. In general, the weight of the new has been abridged that has led to condensed aerodynamic resistance and better fuel economy.

2016 Honda Accord PHEV interior

2016 Honda Accord PHEV Price and the release date

No authorized information is available about the price and the release date of the 2016 Honda Accord PHEV is available, but it is expected that the new sedan will hit the market during the early 2015. As for the cost, it is expected that the new car will be available at less than $40,000 just similar to its predecessor.


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