2016 Ford Focus Electric Mpg, price

The 2016 Ford Focus electric is an all- electric vehicle. To achieve such a vehicle Ford had to compromise a lot on its features like the cargo area of the model and several others. This car will be highly successful in attracting users who are in desire of an electric vehicle that looks like a regular vehicle.

2016 Ford Focus Electric front

2016 Ford Focus Electric Exterior and interior

There is not much difference in between the EV and ICE as far as the exterior is concerned. The EV’S Ford logo has a bump in the hood. The grille has slight changes as its size has been increased. It is an electric vehicle but looks like a normal car and has a very powerful exterior look.

Interior of this car has borrowed its style from the Ford Edge and the Ford Fusion Hybrid. The three panel instrument displays a lot of information on the vehicle. It consists of a MyFord Touch infotainment system which displays location, battery state of the car and other important vehicle information. There is also a brake coach that enables the drivers to understand when they are making complete use of the regenerative brakes offered by Ford in the 2016 Ford Focus electric. The interior also consists of a built in navigation system that aids motorists to choose a path which will require less time to travel and consume less battery charge. There is also a Bluetooth connectivity system inside the car which enables the user to make calls and play songs. Since the cabin is intruded by the electric powertrain, there is less room for passengers in this electric car manufactured by Ford. There is a space of 14.5 cubic feet available to the passengers when the seats are upright.

2016 Ford Focus Electric rear

2016 Ford Focus Electric Engine

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric has a normal Focus 2.0- liter four cylinder engine combined with electric motor delivering a power of 143 horsepower and 181 lb- ft of torque. Electric motor is available which sends power consistently to the tires in the front with a single speed transmission. Energy is sourced from the ion battery 23 kWh that has an energetic cooling and heating system in order to keep the car in a superior temperature.

Fuel Economy

The EPA of the 2016 Ford Focus electric is at 110 MPG in city roads and 99 MPG in the highway roads. While, the integrated value is 105 MPG which has made it the most efficient car in the United states right now.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior

2016 Ford Focus Electric Price and release Date

The price of this EV will be around $30,000. The release date is not yet officially declared but it is speculated that the car will be releasing during the middle of 2015. Based on the above details it can be assumed that this electric vehicle is worth a shot. It is not very expensive and has enough efficiency for a car running on battery. ?it is a car of the mass and hopefully it is going to fulfil the dream of millions of buyers awaiting its release.

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