2016 Ford Focus Electric Engine and interior

The Ford Focus and the Ford Focus electric cars are quite similar in appearance, one cannot tell them appart save for minor redesigns done on the Ford Focus Electric for efficiency. Unless you closely examine the two you wont notice a difference.

2016 Ford Focus Electric front

2016 Ford Focus Electric Interior

The front of the 2016 Ford Focus Electric will be more aerodynamic, complete with a grille that is quite similar to an aston martins. The interior will come dorned with the MyFord Touch to spice up things. The cars cargo space though will be slightly reduced. This is because the cars battery will be located at the back which will eat up some space. But the reduction in cargo space does not serve as an impediment whatsoever. It can still take in some basic cargo when you want to travel. The car will also be very efficient on the road as it is bound to be very sturdy on the road with an efficient front wheel drive equiped with an electronic differential for excellent performance. The Ford Focus Electric will have a piston brembo calipers breaking system, this is a top notch breaking system that offers supperb resaults. It is also rumoured that the Ford Focus Electric will incorporate revoknukle suspensions on its front wheels. This suspension system will be inbuilt to counter the torque delivered by the cars engine so as to deliver impeccable performance and stabilirty on the road.

2016 Ford Focus Electric side

2016 Ford Focus Electric Engine

Under its bonnet, the 2016 Ford Focus Electric comes with an engine with an elecrtic motor capable of putting forth a horse power of up to 141. This is in its way quite an efficient engine for an electric car. This engine will be powered by a 23 kwh battery. This can be expected to make the Ford Focus electric a powerful electric car in its own right and is bound to make this not only an eco friendly car, but a powerful eco friendly one at that.

2016 Ford Focus Electric interior

2016 Ford Focus Electric Released

The 2016 Ford Focus Electric powered car will most definitely be a market favourite and is expected to hit the market somewhere in mid 2015 or late 2015 although nothing definitive on its release date has yet been released by its manufacturers. The car is also expected to retail at roughly thirty five thousand dollars, give or take, though all indicators show that this price is bound to go down after the car is officially released. With all the expectations this car has wrought, hope is it lives up to them.

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