2016 BMW i3 Electric Price and Release date

The 2016 BMW i3 Electric vehicle opens up a brand new chapter in urban mobility. Its visionary design and entire technology goes into redefining automobile not just in terms of agility and environmentally conscious. It features an intriguing eDrive transmission designed in BMW Efficient Dynamic Technology. This technology offers more than just an emission-free drive but also a near-silent driving experience.

2016 BMW i3 Electric front

2016 BMW i3 Electric Performance

The architecture of the i3 electric vehicle is inspired by innovative visionary designs. Its interior is characterized by use of top-quality materials. Also, the absence of a center transmission tunnel makes the interior particularly roomy. The exterior exudes a dynamic impression of the i3 and is characterized by an aerodynamic design, large wheel bases and opposing doors.

BMW i3’s “black band” is perhaps the most characteristic feature of its exterior. It runs from hood to tailgate through the roof to give the EV a somewhat light appearance. Its generally compact proportions make for ease of maneuverability. Long wheelbases significantly reduce visual compactness to give the impression of ample leg space for passenger and driver. BMW i3 is a fully electric drive vehicle that operates on a high-voltage lithium ion rechargeable battery. It runs on high-performance dynamic electric motors. An intelligent energy management system enables agility and a high range driving experience.

2016 BMW i3 Electric side

2016 BMW i3 Electric Engine

The BMW i3 electric vehicle features a three cylinder TwinPower Turbo 1.5 litter gasoline engine. Its eDrive technology features a synchronous dynamic electric motor, charger and a 1.5 liter generator for recuperation. Even with this engine weight distribution is impressive with its power to wright ratio (hp/lb) at 18:31. This makes it able to accelerate 0-60mph in 4.5 sec.

Power output is estimated at 233hp while torque is at 212 lb-ft. The combination of such high power and an enormous torque together with an ideal weight distribution makes for a thrillingly swift and agile driving experience. Its offers a rear-wheel drive concept. There are three range modes available; Comfort mode, ECO PRO + mode and Comfort/ ECO PRO + mode. The range for everyday driving is the Range in comfort mode; 81 – 99 miles. Range in ECO PRO+ is 105 -122 miles while the Range in Comfort/ECO PRO + is 180 miles. Charging your 2016 BMW i3 electric vehicle should last about 8h for domestic connections and a little under 40min with 50kW fast charge connections.

2016 BMW i3 Electric interior

2016 BMW i3 Electric Price and release date

The 2016 BMW i3 electric vehicle release date is not official yet. However you should expect to find it in the market early next year. Prices will vary depending on i3 model. However the price range for mid-range models should be at $42, 275 and $58, 595.

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