2015 Honda FCX Clarity Price, Interior

The 2015 Honda FCX Clarity is the latest in Honda’s attempts at pursuing a greener approach to the automobile issue. Operating within the hydrogen/fuel cell arena since 1999, Honda has continued to push the boundaries with a range of cars designed to more effectively operate within the environment. Granted Honda’s attempts are rarely as ostensible as one might expect, with the company only ever producing a small batch of its green cars for use on the road. However that just might change with the 2015 Honda FCX Clarity. With a select few units of Honda’s new FCX Clarity already hitting the roads in California, available for lease at an appropriate $600, the secret to the Honda FCX Clarity’s expected popularity is the energy efficient manner in which it functions.

2016 Honda FCX Clarity front

2015 Honda FCX Clarity Interior

Rather than depending upon gasoline, the Honda FCX Clarity pumps hydrogen into a fuel cell, the consequence being a process within which hydrogen and oxygen are converted into electrical energy used to operate the car; the result is a clean and quiet journey lasting 240miles before you need to worry about recharging your tank at the nearest station. The heat and vapor that results from its operations makes the FCX an environmentally friendlier car than most. Honda utilizes material derived from plants in developing the seats and fabrics of the FCX Clarity, making for an interior that is not only comfortable and durable (perfect for daily use) but which is designed to manifest the spirit of nature, basically transitioning from hot to cold depending on the surrounding environment.

The vehicle is designed with up to four passengers in mind, each of whom can expect a comfortable journey in a spacious environment. The 2015 Honda FCX Clarity also boast a satellite linked voice controlled navigation system along with a 3D mechanism that provides information regarding the vehicle’s status such as the level of hydrogen consumption. Expect a reinforced body structure for security purposes, with six airbags in toe.

2016 Honda FCX Clarity side

2015 Honda FCX Clarity Engine

Along with a compact lithium ion battery, the vehicle utilizes an electric motor to drive the front wheels, a hydrogen tank with a capacity of 4kg (and which automatically closes in case of accidents) promising 410km. With a smaller fuel cell boasting an electricity production ranging between 60 and 100kW, the 2015 Honda FCX Clarity consumes the equivalent of 2.8L of gasoline per 100km (3.2L for diesel). With the prices for hydrogen standing at $17 per kilogram, the Clarity, as with most hydrogen cars, can prove to be somewhat expensive to operate in comparison with its gasoline counterparts.

2015 Honda FCX Clarity interior

2015 Honda FCX Clarity Release date and price

The 2015 Honda FCX Clarity is expected to hit the markets some time in 2015, with the price floating around the $30,000-$40,000 mark, which is somewhat fair for this environmentally friendly vehicle.

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